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Shreveport Dance Academy 2020-2021 Class Schedule

Classes begin September 1st

  • Pre-Registration for returning students is June 1- June 5
  • Registration opens to public on June 8th
  • Registration must include completed form (front and back), draft information, registration fee, and first month’s tuition.
  • ONLY fully executed registration will be accepted. We cannot hold spots without the completed registration process.
  • If you register for the semester/year tuition break, you must pay in full at registration. If you are unsure about break, please do not select semester/year payment.



• All returning students must register each year and may have first priority of

classes during the pre-registration session.

• Pre-registration is and is $30.00 per student or $55.00 per family. After,

registration fees will be $40. 00 per student and $65.00 per family.

• Registration will open to the public on June 8th

• Registration in person will be taken on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00-

5:00 pm at 2537 E. 70th Street.

• Registration fee is $40.00 per student or $65.00 per family.

• You can register online beginning June 8th at



Registration Policy

• Registration is based on a first come, first serve basis.

• Classes are closed once capacity is reached.

• Capacity for classes range from 10-12 depending on the instructor.

• A minimum of 5 students is required for a class to remain open.

• Students MUST re-register each year.

• Registration must include: completed registration form, draft payment,

registration fee, and 1st month tuition. NO EXCUSES!


Private Lessons

• Private lessons available for $50-65 per hour and $30-35 per ó hour.

Availability upon request.


Family Rates

• Family rates are available to families with more than one child attending

classes. The highest paying student pays full tuition and each additional

child enrolled receives a 10% discount.


Payment Policy

• Tuition is drafted from a credit card on the 5th of each month. Any draft

that is declined for insufficient funds will be assessed a 20% late fee for the

total amount due on the account, if not paid by the 15th of the month.

• Students with delinquent accounts will not be admitted to classes,

accepted for a new semester, or receive recital costumes until the account

is current.

• Payments received for the entire semester will receive a 10% discount and

payments received for the entire year will receive a 15% discount before

June 15th . After June 15th , it will be a 8% discount for the semester and

12% for the year.

• If paying by the semester or year, this payment must be made at the time

of registration and paid in full. NO EXCEPTIONS

• There is at $30.00 NSF fee on ALL returned checks. After (2) returned

checks, SDA has no choice but to ONLY accept credit cards, cash, or money

orders for the account.


Refund Policy


• No refunds will be made except in the case of serious illness or injury as

verified by a doctor’s referral.

• Shreveport Dance Academy, Inc. reserves the right to make final decisions

on all refunds.

• There are NO refunds for recital costumes once they are ordered, unless

your costume is sold to another dancer.


Make-Up Classes

• We reserve a position in your child’s class for your child whether or not

your child is present until we are notified IN WRITING of your desire to

cancel enrollment.

• For this reason, tuition will not be pro-rated for missed classes. Make -up

classes must be scheduled within 30 days of the classes missed.


Dropping Enrollment

• By signing the registration form, you have reserved your child’s class time

from the date of signature until the end of the dance year. You will be billed

and are liable for the payment of tuition for those classes whether or not

you child attends the class, until we are notified (IN WRITING) of your

desire to cancel your child’s enrollment.

• Written notification to cancel enrollment must be given one month prior to

the monthly draft, which occurs on the 5th of the month.



• If a current student refers a new customer to Shreveport Dance Academy

and that customer enrolls, the student who made the referral will receive a

$20.00 credit towards their account.

• The new student must notify the name of the current student at the time of

registration for the current student to receive the credit. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

• All types of classes are available for referral credit



• Please inform us if your child is ill and cannot attend class.

• If your child misses a class due to illness, you may schedule a make-up class

through the office.


Jazz and Tap Classes

• All Students Jazz III and above must be enrolled in a ballet class.

• All jazz and tap students must be remain in levels for two (2) years. Faculty

members have the discretion to move up and down students in levels as

they see fit for the student and/or class.


Summer Intensive Payment Plan

• Students attending or plan to attend summer intensive at Shreveport

Dance Academy the following summer, may add $50.00 per month to their

monthly tuition.



• All students are encouraged to participate, but it is NOT REQUIRED.

• Recital Costumes are ordered in October and payment is required by the

deadline. There is also a recital fee of $100.00 for one child and each

additional child is $25.00.

• There are NO REFUNDS on recital costumes once the order has been



Tuition Rates

Young Ballet thru Grade I Ballet; Intro Jazz thru Jazz I; Pre-Tap thru Tap I; Hip Hop

  • 30 minute class per week -$50.00 per month
  • 45 minute class per week- $55.00 per month
  • 1 hour class per week- $65.00 per month
  • 2 hour classes per week -$110.00 per month
  • 3 classes per week- $125.00 per month
  • 4 classes per week -$135 per month
  • 5 classes per week- $145 per month

Grade II thru Grade V Ballet; Jazz 2 &3; Tap 2 & 3

  • 1 class per week -$ 75.00 per month
  • 2 classes per week- $ 120 per month
  • 3 classes per week -$145 per month
  • 4 classes per week- $165 per month
  • Unlimited classes $185 per month

Advanced Ballet classes, Tap 4 & 5, Jazz 4 & 5

  • 1 1/2 hour class per week- $90.00 per month
  • 2 hour class per week- $105.00 per month
  • Each additional class is $40.00 per month


All Ballet Classes wear Pink tights with Pink Ballet Shoes

**Grade I and above Ballet class must wear an hip alignment belt with leotard.**

**Young Ballet, Creative Ballet, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Primary, and Primary Ballet classes may wear a skirt (the same color

as uniform) with their leotard.**

  • Young Ballet- Candy leotard
  • Creative Ballet-Candy leotard
  • Pre-Ballet- Lemon leotard
  • Pre-Primary Ballet- Aqua leotard
  • Primary Ballet- White Leotard
  • Grade I Ballet- Bluebell Leotard
  • Grade II Ballet- Magenta Leotard
  • Grade III Ballet- Lilac Leotard
  • Grade IV Ballet- Coral Leotard
  • Grade V Ballet- Sapphire Leotard
  • Advanced I Ballet- Violet Leotard
  • Advanced II Ballet- Black Leotard
  • Advanced III and IV- Any Dark Color Leotard
  • Pre-Tap, Beginner Tap, Tap I- Black Leotard and Velcro Tap Shoes
  • Tap II and above- Black Leotards and Tie Tap Shoes
  • ALL Jazz Classes- Black Leotards, Black Jazz Pants, Slip On Jazz Shoes
  • ALL Hip Hop Classes- Black Leotards, Black Jazz Pants, Hip Hop Shoes

*** All Uniform Leotards and Skirts can only be ordered at the SDA Office***

Shreveport Dance Academy

2537 E. 70th Street

Shreveport, Louisiana 71105

Ph. 318.524.3003

Fax. 318.524.3002


  • Kendra Meiki, Owner/Director, is
    Degreed and Certified under the auspices
    of the Royal Academy of Dance, London,
  • 9,900 Square foot State-of-the-art Facility with Five Studios.
  • Safe, Sprung Wood Floors
  • Classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pilates and More
  • Multiple Class Times With Limited Class Sizes
  • Ages 21/2 To Adult
  • No Experience Necessary!
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