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Sonja Marie Nicolosi

I have two children who dance at SDA. My son is 14 and my daughter is 15. This will be their 9th year dancing here. They’ve grown up at SDA they’ve learned to juggle the responsibilities of school and dancing over 14 hours of dance per week. I know this is teaching them valuable life lessons that will serve them well in years to come. As a family, as transplants to the Shreveport/Bossier area we have met so many friends at SDA that we consider it home. Even our youngest who was a baby when his sister and brother started dancing has spent many of hours playing with other siblings in the lobby. As a dance mom nothing gives me more joy than watching my children do what they love to do. And at SDA there are lots of opportunities to watch your child dance, the lobby on screen, the Revel as part of their competition dance team, the Riverview Theatre for ballet performances and recital to in class observations. I still get goosebumps when I watch them dance. I can not say enough about the teachers, they not only care about developing their dance technique but they also care about what kind of people they are. A shout out to Keeley, Kendra, Elizabeth, Kathryn and Kate! I can not forget Jennifer in the office, you rock.




Emily Young Feazel

SDA has been my home studio since I was 14 years old. I have grown up with the most amazing teachers who have not only trained me in classical ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap, but they have also turned me into the strong woman I am today. There is no where else in Shreveport/Bossier I would recommend.


Ashley Ryan Covington

My daughter will soon turn 13 and has been dancing with Shreveport Dance Academy since she was 3. The environment at SDA has always been professional with my daughter’s dance education as the top priority. She grows leaps and bounds every year under the competent instruction of her teachers. Not only has she received elite classical ballet training, she has developed character traits such as perseverance, discipline, team work, and a strong work ethic. She spends five days a week here and wouldn’t want to train anywhere else. We love SDA!


Ashley Hutchinson Hancock

My daughter has been dancing at SDA for 8 years. She is growing into a beautiful classical ballet and jazz dancer. Her teachers are amazing and provide her a positive and encouraging environment to dance. She has learned the importance of staying focused, working hard, and setting goals to achieve her dreams!



Kandice Marie Weeks

We have been a part of SDA for 8 years now and have loved watching our daughter flourish at this studio. The owner, instructors, dancers, and families all create a wonderful environment to learn and grow. It’s amazing to watch these girls dance and I could not be happier with our daughters progress and the professionalism of the staff at SDA.



Darcey Pavlick

My daughter has been dancing at SDA for 7 years….the instruction has been nothing but professional and has helped develop her passion for dance as well as made many new friendships.


Stephanie Pittman Taylor

My daughter has danced at SDA since the age of 3. The classical ballet instruction that she has received is unsurpassed in the Shreveport Bossier area. The performances have a level of professionalism that is unchallenged in this region. My daughter has learned through dancing at SDA how applying a hard work ethic can help her achieve any goal in life. We love Shreveport Dance Academy!


Angie Cockerham Daniel

SDA has been my daughter’s home for almost 9 years. She has not only received incredible instruction from the staff, but she has been taught dedication, perseverance and loyalty. Kendra, Keeley, Elizabeth, Emily & Kathryn are all an important part of her life. My momma heart is full knowing she is in great hands as she participates in something she loves so much! We love our SDA family!


Susan Parks Steen

My experience spans two owners and over 30 years. Theatre School of Dance/Shreveport Dance Academy were an integral part of my life as a dancer as well as my daughters dance career. Wonderful teachers, wonderful productions, opportunities to take classes with guest teachers from all over the United States and some teachers from abroad. You have the opportunity to audition for Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet which is a Shreveport institution. Kendra cares about the students, their safety and training, and offering the opportunity for all to enjoy dance whether they are going to pursue a career in dance or they just want to enjoy the experience because they love to dance. Your child will learn discipline and the love of the art of dance as well. I recommend this studio 100%.

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